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[S1E19] No Escape Part 2

The three sneak to the Doza Tower holding cells, where they find Jarek Yeager and Captain Doza. The two prisoners are happy for the rescue, but Yeager notices something's wrong with Kaz, who tells him about the Cataclysm. Yeager and Doza are both horrified, but everyone has to hide back in the cell when they hear stormtroopers coming. The two troopers notice the unlocked cell and investigate, but are ambushed by the Resistance members. Yeager and Doza take the troopers' blasters before stunning them and leaving them in the cell. Kaz tells them the plan: Neeku is going to fire up the Colossus' thrusters and engines to escape into space. Doza is somewhat worried about the idea, noting that the Colossus hasn't moved in twenty years. Down in the hyperdrive room, Neeku, talking to Kel about removing the water the station has taken on before taking off, has an idea about how to get rid of the stormtroopers. He calls up Kaz.

[S1E19] No Escape Part 2

As the fight continues, a First Order Star Destroyer arrives, to the great concern of the Colossus' defenders. It begins firing on the station, and Kaz orders everyone back to the safety of the Colossus. He also sends Neeku a set of coordinates for the jump into hyperspace. However, Captain Doza points out that the Colossus isn't far enough away from Castilon's gravitational pull to jump yet. Yeager, meanwhile, is in need of help, as he's being chased by Major Vonreg. Kaz heads after the red-armoured pilot, and comes up with a way to ambush him. As Yeager and his pursuers fly around the Colossus, Kaz goes through the narrow gap between the upper superstructure of the station and the lower part with the engines. He gets the drop on Vonreg from behind and shoots him down, prompting a brief celebration and a compliment from Yeager before the two head back to the hangar and make rough landings. As the Star Destroyer continues to fire on the Colossus, which has reached the edge of Castilon's atmosphere, Neeku activates the hyperdrive, and the station is gone into hyperspace.

Star Wars Resistance Season One is the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. It is comprised of twenty-one episodes and premiered on October 7, 2018 on Disney Channel, beginning with the two-part episode "The Recruit." In addition, twelve animated shorts were released in December during the mid-season break.

At that time, Levi tells Eren that he found a way to stop Eren in his Titan form without killing him. This method would only injure him as they would cut Eren out of the Titan's body. Levi remarks that any injured parts would grow back anyway, and when Eren complains about that, Levi tells him that he and the squad also take a risk as Eren may kill them in the process. An excited Hange then gets an approval to do experiments. They take Eren inside a dried well, with Hange saying that it may be able to hold him down if he loses control. However, after giving him the signal, nothing happens and Hange and Levi find out that despite repeatedly biting himself, Eren was unable to transform.

Later, Eren talks to Levi about the rest of the squad, surprised to see their hostility against him. Levi states that he chose them to be the part of the squad exactly because they do not trust Eren. He also explains that their behavior to expect the worst is how they survived the whole time, but at the same time, it does not mean that they felt nothing when they turned their blades against Eren. The two are then called by Hange who shows them the teaspoon that Eren's Titan hand held and concludes that in order to transform, Eren must have a clear goal in mind, as he always had each time he previously transformed, as the teaspoon was not "harmed" at all.

"After stalking [their] way up the Glasswalk Road to the north of the city of Vasselheim, through the Vesper Timberlands, through the cold weather as [they] continued to travel northward on the word of a crazed gentleman in a tavern somewhere who supposedly saw a dragon, [they] managed to see such a dragon skulking through the skies and actually attack near where [they] were staying. While [they] were sleeping, a group of orcs and some ogrish creature and a [worg] attacked [their] group. [The party] managed to slaughter the encroaching evils rather rapidly, in a daring display of buttflap-long john-Percy and some majestic combat prowess. [They] managed to completely eliminate [their attackers]. [They] interrogated one of the orcs, before Grog decided to take his head off.

The party finds itself under attack by a pair of frost giants. After trading a few blows, Zahra is able to contact the giants telepathically, asking for their help against the white dragon. The giants hold their assault and agree to bring the party to meet the dragon, but make no promises of aid beyond that.

As they climb up to meet the dragon, Zahra learns from the two giants that this mountain was once occupied by a whole community of frost giants, nearly all of whom were killed when the dragon came. The two who remain serve the dragon out of fear. Lyra, through a spell, learns that the dragon's name is Rimefang. She realizes that another party from the Slayer's Take were killed in a previous contract on the same dragon some months ago, and that this new contract could be a suicide mission.

Breaking down the icy barriers as they go, the party and the giants continue further down the tunnel while assembling the outline of a plan. They reach a cavern at the top of the mountain and see inside the frozen remains of the dragon's previous victims, broken armor and weapons, and a central platform in the middle rising about 15 feet from the ground. From the top of this platform, Rimefang greets the party and encourages them to enter.

The party enters the dragon's lair. Scanlan, following their plan, offers an expensive diamond hidden in his pouch. Rimefang is unimpressed and deeply insulted by their appearance in his cavern. He recognized the name of the Slayer's Take. However, Rimefang states that he is the hunter, not the hunted, and summons his giant allies. Zahra immediately casts Awakened Mind and reminds them of the suffering they endured in their time with the white dragon. Now is the time to fight him.

Though the dragon's mere presence is terrifying, the party hack steadily away at it. A breath of frost kills one of the giants before it is able to do much. Percy's engineering talent makes a showing, between a hand grenade and one of the exploding arrows he made for Vex. When the dragon attempts to fly away, Scanlan uses Bigby's Hand to hold it in place but draws the dragon's ire in so doing; he is badly mauled and rescued only by a healing potion from Grog.

With the dragon slain, the party revive their fallen allies. They harvest the dragon parts they need for their contract and take some loot from the lair. That done, they begin the trek back to Vasselheim to present their completed contract to the Huntmistress.

A crowd forms around STAR Labs led by Lawrence Crock. He instigates a riot, accusing the scientists at the facility of knowing more, and even being behind the disappearance. James Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department have their hands full stopping the crowd. Riddler uses this distraction to walk out of the laboratory with a briefcase. Lawrence picks him up with a car and they drive off, content.

Left with no other option, Zatanna summons the Helmet of Fate and allows Nabu to possess her. She struggles at first, because Nabu cannot keep stable in the separated world. After Doctor Fate destroys Klarion's field, Kid Flash runs in to pick up the gem. On the adult world, Captain Marvel tunnels under the pentagram to avoid the four sorcerers that defend it. Zatara and Doctor Fate merge the worlds back together with a spell in unison. Klarion escapes with Teekl; the other sorcerers collapse.

Unfortunately, their shields drop and Gwyn goes to the armory to get weapons to use against the boarding party. However, Dal stops her, arguing that firing against Starfleet officers will look bad on her Academy application. Gwyn begins to break the news to Dal but he misreads the situation and impulsively kisses her. Surprised, Gwyn asks what he's doing and then breaks the news that he won't be able to join Starfleet because of the Augment ban. Stunned for a moment, he takes her weapon, and says that, while he might not be able to join, he's going to make sure the others have the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Asencia enters the transporter room, immobilize the boarding party and, with the assistance of The Diviner and Drednok, transport to the Protostar themselves. On the Protostar, Drednok overpowers the kids, except for Gwyn who is on the bridge, with a gravity mine which makes them unable to move. When Murf tries to stop Drednok by attacking him, Drednock literally freezes him.

School Raze - Part 2 is the twenty-sixth episode of season eight of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and ninety-fifth overall. It is the second part of a two-part season finale. The title is a parody of the eighth season premiere School Daze.

In this second part, the Mane Six try to escape from Tartarus while Cozy Glow furthers her plot to take over the School of Friendship, with only the Young Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to stop her.

With the magic of Equestria drained, the Mane Six are unable to open the gates of Tartarus and escape. But Twilight comes up with the idea of harnessing the natural magic inside the various creatures locked up in Tartarus' cages.

The creatures and Tirek give their magic to Twilight, and Twilight uses their combined magic to open the gates of Tartarus. Twilight and her friends escape through the doors just before they close again. Unfortunately, the sun has already gone down by this time, meaning all the magic of Equestria is now gone for good.

Twilight regrets not being able to teach this to Cozy, but the Young Six argue that they wouldn't have been able to defeat Cozy without Twilight's teachings. Cozy Glow callously dismisses the values of friendship and tries to escape so that she can try her plan again somewhere else, but she is stopped by the other students, the princesses, Chancellor Neighsay, and the royal guards. 041b061a72

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