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ZAYN - 'Nobody Is Listening' !!HOT!! Full Album

Although the couple only just welcomed their daughter into the world in September, 2020, Malik seems to already be prepared to usher in his new album era. It's been over two years since the 27-year-old put out his last full-length record, Icarus Falls, but that's more than enough downtime for listeners to start wanting some new material. Malik gave fans more than just new material, though; he penned an album full of metaphors and stories about his relationships, his newborn baby girl, and the throes of fame in general. It's one of the most lyrically honest albums to come from a former-boy-band-member-gone-solo, and stans have dived into all the material head-first.

ZAYN - 'Nobody Is Listening' Full Album

This album is an intimate experience from start to finish. Carefully pieced together and so well-balanced, there is no doubt that there was incredible thought into creating this album. Not a single song feels out of place and it is smooth sailing all the way through. 041b061a72

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