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[S3E2] The Breakfast Brunch

Mindy set her sights on Annette's birthday brunch to use her fool-proof plan to impress her. This was my favorite part of the episode because as Mindy explains the points, you see Annette falling for every single thing she says (such as always agreeing). Plus, I'm a sucker for references to my favorite TV Shows, like Annette's favorite, Castle.

[S3E2] The Breakfast Brunch

Rhea Perlman was perfect as Danny's mother. She had some great moments, especially at brunch with her friend, Dot (very underrated in the episode), and her one-on-one interaction with Mindy in the hotel room was a welcomed part to the episode. There was even a point in the restaurant when I saw just how well she was casted because Perlman and Chris Messina looked like they could almost be related.

Thank goodness Colbourne decides to eavesdrop on Georgiana and Charlotte's brunch commiseration about these setbacks and rides to the rescue by heading to London to make peace with his estranged brother Samuel, who just so happens to be a lawyer. (And, perhaps actually, a good one, given the brutal way he illustrates the sorts of questions Georgiana will likely face in court.)

That's our opinion, but it's also the opinion of star Meghann Fahy, who expressed her desire for brunch when she sat down in E! News' very own fashion closet for an interview, alongside costars Katie Stevens and Aisha Dee.

"Something that we haven't gotten to yet that feels really important is brunch," Fahy said. "We have really talked about it. It feels like an important thing to experience when you're in New York and you're in your 20s. We talk about a lot of socially and politically important things, but I would really like to see an episode where the girls go to brunch, and they wear brunch hats, and they drink mimosas."

She's not wrong. When you think about it, it's actually shocking how little time any of the characters of The Bold Type spend eating brunch together, even if they are busy dealing with a whole lot of important issues.

As the guests arise in the morning, Marcos whips up a hearty breakfast of fruit, cheese, meat, eggs benedict, smoked salmon, and more. His hope is that he'll be able to satiate the guests for the remainder of their trip.

After a fun filled evening complete with Glenn's Aladdin pants and Gary and McCordia licking frosting off Tom's nipples, the guests awaken to a lavish brunch prepared by Marcos, and prepare for docking. While the docking process goes smoothly, Tom expresses his aggravation in feeling that he's not being helped as much as he'd like. Regardless of his agitation, the guests thank the crew for the wonderful trip, and head on their way. 041b061a72

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