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Reactive Training Manual Pdf Download 5 _VERIFIED_

This is Mike Tuchscherer's instruction manual for the Reactive Training System. This manual provides the user a framework to customize their training like never before. Trial and Error is reduced dramatically as the reader is taught new methods that allow him to listen to his body while making dramatic progress. This manual is especially for the intermediate level Powerlifter that is trying to come into an advanced level.

reactive training manual pdf download 5

You always hear people say, "Listen to your body," but how do you do that? Mike Tuchscherer (multiple USAPL record holder in the 275lb class) has written an instruction manual to answer that question and many others. The Reactive Training Manual is designed to be a step-by-step plan to teach you to develop your own training program -- a training program based on what works for YOU! There are many unique techniques and methods in this book to allow you to customize your training, giving you effective training without so much "trial and error". In addition, this book comes with a CD containing spreadsheets to help you implement a Reactive Training program, as well as track and analyze your training. This book is a must-have for anyone trying to customize or refine their training!Table of Contents Introduction 1. Basic Template 2. RPEs 3. Fatigue Stops 4. Tracking Your Training 5. The Transition Block and Cycle Planning 6. Alternate Means and Methods 7. RTS Necessity 8. Unidirectional Loading 9. Frequency/Fatigue Management 10. Stress Management 11. Fatigue Percents, Part One 12. Fatigue Percents, Part Two 13. Programming Your Training Cycle 14. Goal Setting, PRs, and Progress 15. Extra Workouts 16. Conclusion 17. Glossary

Based on a thorough fall-risk assessment, specifically tailored balance and resistance training programs can be developed which have the potential to improve important intrinsic fall-risk factors like deficits in muscle strength / power and balance performance [27]. For fall prevention, exercises for the promotion of static / dynamic steady-state, proactive and reactive balance should be trained complementarily [43]. Progression during training can be achieved by reducing the base of support (e.g., bipedal, step, tandem, monopedal stance) and by diminishing the sensory input (e.g., exercises with eyes opened / closed; exercises on stable / unstable surfaces) [21, 44]. Additionally, resistance training with a focus on muscle strength / power for the lower extremities and the trunk muscles [45] seems essential for counteracting intrinsic fall risk factors (i.e., muscle weakness) in older adults.

RTS Coaches Mike Tuchscherer and John Garafano sit down with Shamal Asnani to talk about all things on the business side of coaching. Now, Shamal is a powerlifter and coach himself but his primary specialty is as a Certified Public Accountant. You can learn more about Shamal by visiting Shamal also created a new RTS course all about the business side of coaching. Go to > Courses for more information.

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