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Where To Buy Mikimoto BEST

Bottom line: No matter where you buy your pearls from, my #1 recommendation is to always do your research first so you feel comfortable with your purchase, and you have a solid idea of what to expect.

where to buy mikimoto

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My deceased mother bequeathed her Mikimoto pearls to me and I have a necklace given to me for my 21st. I was with my parents when they purchased the pearls & broches in Hong Kong and they would be at least 40 years old if not older. I still have all the boxes. I know you have to have them restrung particularly as she wore her necklace until the end. Do you know where I can get them cleaned and restrung and valued. I live in Brisbane in Australia but will be going to London in June this year for a holiday. I think you have a store in London. Thank you.

My late husband purchased my Mikimoto pearls in Hong Kong while serving in Vietnam. I was told by a jeweler that inferior pearls were sold to military. Any truth to that? Also, where can I have them restrung? Thank you.

I had a beautiful necklace of the sea magic by mikimoto necklace which were stolen when we were robbed on Christmas Eve a few years ago, I vow that one day I will replace my necklace with this same brand, I feel they are the best that I have Ever seen abs the pearls are just beautiful, and the jewelry just as beautiful

These uncoated nuclei generally come from USA rivers. This is of special interest to me living near the Mississippi River in Muscatine, Iowa where Japanese pearl growers used to come and buy shells for this purpose.This was my last Mikimoto store on this trip to visit and I will admit, yes, I was running out of questions, but looking back, of course, now I have a whole new list of things I wish I would have inquired about. 041b061a72

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