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The book received considerable public acclaim and was awarded the Prix Courteline in 1934. The cartoonist Albert Dubout was subsequently commissioned to create an illustrated version. Chevallier subsequently wrote two sequels to the work after the Second World War entitled Clochemerle Babylone (1951) and Clochemerle-les-Bains (1963). The term Clochemerle and adjective clochemerlesque have entered French as a term to describe "petty, parochial squabbling".[2]

bbc tv series clochemerle epub

Clochemerle has been widely translated into other languages and has inspired numerous dramatisations. Raymond Souplex composed an operetta based on the work in 1944 and a film was produced in 1948. There have been several television series based on the work, notably a 1972 BBC dramatisation.

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