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Best Buy Washer Dryer Bundles

Staff writer Sarah Bogdan did most of the hands-on testing for this guide and tested 31 washers (including compact and combo models, as well as laundry centers) and 15 dryers at our office in Long Island City, New York. She previously spent three years testing appliances and home goods (including detergents) at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

best buy washer dryer bundles

The GFW650 washer comes in two finishes, white and satin nickel, and the dryer comes in the same finishes in gas (GFD65GSSNWW and GFD65GSPNSN) and electric (GFD65ESSNWW and GFD65ESPNSN). If you want to get these models higher off the floor, you can buy a pedestal (GFP1528SNWW or GFP1528PNSN) with a drawer for storage or a somewhat shorter riser (GFR0728SNWW or GFR0728PNSN). The GE GFW550 washer is very similar to the GFW650 but lacks the Power Clean and Active Wear wash programs as well as the detergent auto-dispensing option, while the larger GFW850 has all the same features as the GFW650 plus a program that allows it to wash and dry a small load in one step, like a combo washer-dryer.

We plan to try the ELFW7637A and ELFE7637A when we test full-size washers and dryers again, but judging from our experience with the previous model, we think this is a pair worth buying if you can find it in stock.

Many consumers spend the bulk of their time and effort researching a washer, and then just select the matching dryer as an afterthought. While washers (both top-loaders and front-loaders) do have more of an impact on your "laundry day" experience (a good washer means less work for your dryer and a shorter wash time), you also don't want to get stuck with a bad dryer with a low spin speed and damp clothes for the next decade.

Drying, too, is a breeze. The dryer coordinates with the washer to automatically assign an appropriate drying cycle based on what you selected for the washer. But you can also make manual cycle selections.

Samsung's WF50A8600AV managed to get our attention during testing where it outperformed its competition by small margins on just about every front. The intuitive control panel is on the front of the machine, making it easier to stack, and it has smart features like smart assistant integration, remote control, and notifications. If you pair this machine with its companion dryer, the DVE50A8600V, then you can also control the dryer via the washer's control panel.

Like this Maytag washer, the dryer offers smart capabilities with both Amazon and Google Home, plus you can employ remote control and remote monitoring through its app as you wash and dry. This dryer also boasts a massive, 7.3-cubic-foot dryer, which is ideal for families and others creating oversized loads.

Common with many front-load washers, a smelly interior is due to bacteria build-up in the gasket. GE solves this problem with Microban antibacterial materials and a through-door vent system that doubles as a dryer for small laundry loads.

Our chief scientist, team of lab experts, and our appliance reviewers take testing washing machines and gas and electric dryers seriously. We bring in top-rated and best-selling models from brands like Maytag, LG, Samsung, Speed Queen, GE, Miele and more, and we run them through rigorous, science-based tests and gather concrete data that we use to compare, contrast, and rank machines.

On the other hand, if you pick a washer and a dryer that are unrelated to one another, you could end up with a washer that leaves clothes wet, and a dryer that doesn't know to compensate appropriately.

We strongly recommend against buying a washer and dryer set, or any large appliances for that matter, on Amazon or at Walmart. From mostly third-party sellers to voided warranties to not including installation for all items, buying appliances here could come with more risk than we think is necessary.

This stackable pair is ideal for laundry rooms where depth can be a challenge. In general, LG makes the shallowest full-size washer-dryer models. At a slim 30-inch depth, this LG stackable washer is definitely one of the best choices if depth is a concern in your laundry room.

Anyone out there who wants to save but doesn't want to skimp on modern features in both the washer and dryer? Look no further: This Samsung WF45B6300AW comes in at an unbeatable price compared to its peers.

Bonus: Both the washer and matching dryer are compatible with the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app, which allows you to stay connected to your machines and troubleshoot any problems using your smartphone.

This GE washer and dryer has larger capacity than most of the front load washers on the market. Its 5.0 cu. ft. interior can hold king-size bedding with ease. It will allow you to fit more in each wash to prevent neverending laundry sessions.

Apartment dwellers and their landlords love this model, as do those adding second-floor laundry who need to fit a washer and dryer into a closet. Bosch is renowned for its reliability, and we think these machines are small but mighty.

The Miele WXR860WCS washer is the only residential product on the market that offers a whopping 1,600 RPM spinning motor. This feature makes it possible for you to quickly get rid of excess water, leaving less work for the dryer, and shortening the drying time.

The LG WashTower is a shorter, two-in-one unit. It combines a full-sized, fully featured, modern front-load washer with a matching steam dryer in one "tower" (thus the name). The controls are in the middle, between the two doors. This innovation not only places the controls at a convenient level, it also helps shave about six inches off the overall height so it can fit in spaces with lower ceilings.

Full-size washers and dryers are typically 27 inches wide. You'll find a few 29- and 30-inch models out there, but those aren't stackable. The interior volume's at least 4.5 cu. ft. for the washer and 7.0 cu. ft. for the dryer.

Apartment size or compact unit washer and dryer models are 24 inches wide and ventless. The standard interior volume is 2.2 cu. ft. for the washer and 4.2 cu. ft. for the dryer. The main benefit of a compact stackable laundry set is installation versatality. In addition to being smaller, the dryer doesn't need to be vented to the exterior of your home.

You may be wondering if you need a stacking kit for your washer and dryer, and how difficult it is to do on your own. Although it may seem intimidating, stacking a washer and dryer is pretty straightforward and simple. In fact, the only parts involved are a front load dryer, front load washer, and a separate stacking kit. The stacking kit secures the two machines together safely and solidly.

You should never try to stack your washer and dryer without a stacking kit. Even minimal vibrations could cause them to shift, resulting in the top machine falling off. This could damage your home or injure a family member. Please be safe.

There may only be a handful of Martha Stewarts out there who actually enjoy doing laundry, but it's still exciting to get a new stackable washer and dryer for your home. The new finish, better cleaning technology, and faster wash times will make the chore easier and much more doable. But you don't necessarily want to buy the first set you lay eyes on.

Expert help can be hard to come by in your local home improvement store or when shopping online. Since it can be difficult to get good advice, many people make mistakes when buying a stackable washer and dryer.

Take note of which direction your washer and dryer doors should swing open. Some models have reversible hinges to swing in either direction based on your space's needs, but many don't. Make sure your space will allow you to open your washer and dryer doors fully, put clothes in, and pull them out. Sometimes cabinet doors, closet doors, and even attic pull-down ladders can get in the way.

Some side-by-side laundry arrangements place the washer and dryer on pedestals in order to add storage space underneath. You won't need pedestals if you're switching to a stacked configuration. Pedestals aren't practical because they raise the dryer so high that just about anyone would have a tough time reaching the controls.

Are stackable washers and dryers full-size?Yes, many are. Most manufacturers make full-size (27-inch width) stackable washer and dryer models. A handful of manufacturers like Bosch and Miele offer only compact stackable models, which measure 24 inches wide.

Which stackable washer and dryer brands are the most reliable?All of our top picks are some of the most reliable washer and dryers on the market. Generally, the top brands for reliabilty include Samsung, Bosch, Electrolux, LG, and Miele, among other brands. We recommend that you do some research to determine which of the most reliable picks fit your needs best.

Are stackable washer and dryers as good as side-by-side ones?Yes. We find that, in general, front load machines perform better all around than top load machines do, whether or not you stack them. Top load machines, of course, can only sit side by side. Ultimately, when you're dealing with a smaller laundry room, a stackable washer and dryer is a necessity.

What are stackable washer and dryer dimensions?The dimensions of a full-size stackable washer and dryer are as follows: approximately 27 inches wide, 76 inches tall, and 32 inches deep.

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