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Best Stores To Buy Pajamas

The reviews are in (all 300+ of them): This incredibly soft, slouchy set will definitely be some of the most heavenly pajamas you'll ever lounge around in...and never wanna take off. Plus, they're short girl friendly, thanks to the cropped jogger bottoms, which have elasticized cuffs so you can easily adjust their length.

best stores to buy pajamas

We've rounded up the best places to buy pajamas, whether it's for a cozy set or pieces you can mix and match. We tried on multiple pairs of pajamas from dozens of brands, including options for cooling, silk, and everything in between. And while the majority of the picks on this list are identified as "pajamas for women," we believe that folks should wear whatever style of loungewear they're most comfortable in, regardless of how the industry chooses to gender the pieces. If you're looking for men's sizing, though, check out our guide to the best pajamas for men.

Quince makes some of our favorite cashmere sweaters, but it also has a line of gorgeous washable silk pajamas that add a little luxury to your evening routine. The trousers are roomy, with a slit up the side that makes them comfortable to sleep in.

Aerie's Real Soft pajamas earned a spot in our guide to best cooling pajamas for good reason. The fabric blend of viscose, cotton, and elastin allows air to flow while you sleep, so you can avoid having night sweats. And you can arrange different sleeve and pant lengths to get the pairing you prefer.

But Aerie's pajamas aren't just about utility. The brand does patterns adorably, from seersucker to florals. And if you prefer a nightgown over pants, Aerie's got you covered there, too. Just note that the sizing tends to run large, which can be great for those who prefer a breezier silhouette. But you might want to size down if you like something true-to-size.

Papinelle's slips, nightgowns, and short sets are equally charming and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. We recommend the Washable Silk Piped PJ for its timeless style and color choices. The one drawback is that Papinelle's pajamas don't have extended sizing, which is something we hope the brand rectifies in the future.

The popular outdoors brand also sells the softest flannel pajamas you could ever slip into. They're made of high-quality Portuguese cotton flannel that will keep you incredibly toasty. And if you're not into sets, L.L. Bean has a lot of pieces you can shop separately.

But if you are into a "normal" pair of pajamas, Stripe & Stare delivers there, too. The brand has long pants that you can buy on their own, as well as matching sets in darling patterns. What's more? The Stripe & Stare is focused on sustainability and creates its sleepwear with a fabric made out of ethically sourced cellulose or wood fiber, so you can feel good about wearing them.

I immediately felt embarrassed by my own loungewear, as if Nicole Kidman herself could see my Raising Canes t-shirt through my phone screen. I made a vow at that moment to channel Ms. Kidman and get serious about sleepwear. Cue my internet deep dive to find the cutest, most comfortable PJs on the market, and this list of the best spots to buy pajamas online.

While Amazon carries virtually every type of pajama you could imagine, I like to use it to find sets from classic brands. For example, brands like Hanes have the softest pajamas imaginable and most sets (like

I emailed with Cora Harrington, author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie and the founder and editor of The Lingerie Addict, which recently ceased publication. She told me how to care for silk, and she gave me some general insight into how clothes are fit and scaled to different sizes. I talked to several Wirecutter staff members about what they sleep in and the brands they love, and I interviewed a Nordstrom personal shopper about pajamas. To find pajamas and pants to test, I read owner reviews, searched for brands that carried extended sizes, and used Instagram to find more. After learning that many extended sizes are sold online only, and hearing from people who prefer to try things on in a store, I called several stores to find out what sizes they carried.

If you have teenagers, looking at some of their favorite clothing companies is always a good idea for Christmas pajamas. These stores will usually have a few good holiday options, and will definitely have non-holiday pajamas if you choose to go that route.

The year I bought the girls their Christmas pajamas at The Gap, I only got bottoms and they were coordinated and not matching. They were cute, but I had to go elsewhere to find tops, and I remember being frustrated. But looking at the offerings they have this year, I think they have much better options.

DESCRIPTION: Follow the flowers to your best beauty rest in our vibrant floral printed cotton-blend pj. One of our most breathable fabrics, this relaxed pajama set comes with a matching hair wrap (with so many useful ways to wear it). Easy tie waist on the straight leg pant. Model is 5' 9", wearing size small.

Sleep tight in our soft and comfortable sleepwear. Find classic satin pajamas for cozy nights or lazy weekends, as well as matching soft tops and shorts, or climb into bed in a sleek and silky nightgown. Choose from dreamy neutral colors or opt for polka dots, stripes and other fun prints from our selection.

I have two pairs of "The Cat's Pajamas", one pair I call "Puppy Party Pjs" and the other I call my "Bee P's". These are damn near the best pajamas on Earth. I never thought I would spend this much on sleepwear, but I can't deny my new love for getting dressed up to go to bed. Thank you for creating such a magical, cozy, durable, eccentric little brand of pajamas. They make me smile!

Twenty years ago my sister-in-law gave me my first ever pair of Cat's Pajamas. I loved them and I've owned no other pajamas since. They are comfortable, well-made, attractive, durable and the customer service is excellent. The pajamas are completely and totally worth the money. Thank you Cat's Pajamas for being a beacon of quality is a sea of sub-standard!

Been shopping here for decades from across three continents! Still one of the best quality pyjamas and other sleepwear ranges around (best pj's for sushi lovers I've ever come across). Their patented designs, ultra soft and durable fabric have yet to be matched!

These are the best pajamas I've ever had and I'll probably never purchase a different brand again. I ordered a night dress and short sleeve pajama set and I love them both! The fabric is so soft and light, perfect for me since I don't like to feel too warm in bed. Also the fabric has stretch so there is no tugging when I turn over in bed. Both pajamas are so pretty too, and they're practical. One has pockets in the the shirt and two pockets in the pants. The night dress is just beautiful and pure joy to sleep in and hang out in. The quality of the sewing and the design are tops. I feel the value I've received is worth the high cost I paid.

I am a big fan of The Cat's Pajamas - actually an addict. I currently have eight pair in winter summer and winter styles, and buy flannels for Christmas presents every year for my family. The flannels are perfect for cuddling up by the fire on cold winter nights here in Vermont. What I love best are the choices of beautiful and unique fabric patterns, and colors and the fact they are made in the U.S. The friendly and efficient customer service from The Cat's Pajamas staff has been outstanding. Their service keeps me coming back - especially when it comes to the holidays and gift giving.

These special edition pajamas created by Oprah and Cozy Earth are the softest, coziest, most comfortable loungewear ever! Living well means taking time to relax and recharge and these luxurious stretch-knit pajamas are the perfect choice when you're ready to unwind.

These special-edition pajamas created by Oprah and Cozy Earth are the softest, coziest, most comfortable loungewear ever! Living well means taking time to relax and recharge and these luxurious stretch-knit pajamas are the perfect choice when you're ready to unwind.

Olivia von Halle's pajamas are a favorite among the fashion set (Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are fans) who wear the gorgeous silk pieces out and about. This camisole and shorts set is made from smooth silk-satin, drapes beautifully and keeps you cool at night with its body-skimming design.

To determine the best pajamas for women, I first relied on first-hand testing for several of these brands and specific pajama sets. I also informally surveyed women to gauge their favorite brands, and I read hundreds of reviews to find the top-rated women's pajamas. I ultimately chose pairs that scored highest for fabric softness, warmth, cooling potential and breathability; I then evaluated if those pajamas had wide size availability and would fit a variety of body types; and finally, I assessed if the pairs washed well and held up over time.

Sleepyheads offers a wide range of various pajamas, robes, loungewear, and family matching pajamas. Exclusively sold online to provide our customers the best assortment of patterns, sizes, and fabrics for the best price!

Today, I want to share my favorite festive pajamas sets for the whole family, which just so happens to be one of my favorite ways to kick off the holidays each year. ?? I can usually talk my grinch of a husband into wearing family pajamas on Christmas morning, but the girls get so excited to wear them all holiday season. I do love family Christmas pajamas and pajamas for winter holidays and typically get one set, and then a few more fun sets for the girls.

Now, onto the top places to shop for matching family holiday pajamas this year. They all have different styles and shopping experiences that make the process so much easier. Make sure to read them all to see which ones are best for your family! 041b061a72

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