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Minecraft Castle Maps

Here list of the 29 Castle Maps for Minecraft, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 5 April 2012, last map added 504 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 930 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.Castle Maps for Minecraft Versions:1.17.1 2 1.16.5 2 1.16.1 1 1.16 2 1.14.4 1 1.14.3 1 1.13.2 2 1.13 1 1.12.2 6 1.11.2 1 1.10.2 1 1.10 1 1.8.9 1 1.8 1 1.7.10 2 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); The Castle of Agnar This is a medieval-themed castle map that took 16+ hours to build....

Minecraft Castle Maps


People from all over the world love creating incredible structures in Minecraft and sharing them with other players. Here, we present you with a selection of some of the finest fan-made castles in the game. You can simply enter the seed in your Minecraft account (in Creative Mode) and install the map that comes with each seed (here is a tutorial for PC, Mac, and Linux).

When you install the map, you can use the seed to spawn near or inside the Minecraft castle. You can then change the structure or simply redecorate the interior of the castle to your liking. Also, there is a possibility of setting up a private server and inviting friends to play online inside the castle and seed of your choice.

If you were looking for a template that mirrored the classic medieval castle in your Minecraft seed, then this seed is going to be perfect for you. It is very simple in design and can be upgraded with your own ideas.

This seed was designed for anyone who wants to inhabit the castle and create their own interior design. You can put whatever furniture you like inside -- or you can even turn it into a cold prison for evil mobs. Either way, the possibilities are almost limitless, so check this seed out as soon as you can!

This seed a much bigger version of the medieval castle; it has three extra towers, an extra floor, and a bridge. The interior of this castle is made of wood with balconies and lots of rooms -- but there is still much space for improvement.

This Minecraft castle works great for survival mini games with your friends on a private server. It is huge, and even a large group of up to 8 players will have a blast playing in such an extraordinary environment. You can even easily build the castle out to fit a number of scenarios.

This Minecraft castle seed is quite unusual and looks more like a royal palace than a defense castle. Despite that, it has four watchtowers and some strong stone walls, so that means building this castle out to something even more formidable will be a somewhat simple task.

Here is a huge map that includes both a Renaissance-era castle and a village that reflects the aesthetics of the medieval times. This Minecraft castle is made in the style of a guild rather than a defense fortress.

Welcome to the Castle Maps category of MCPE-GAME. Minecraft Castle Maps are the maps that add new levels and locations in game. Here you will find a great list of the most popular and recent Castles Maps, update daily by ours.

In this map you will be able to get inside a medieval castle surrounded by powerful walls with automatically opening gates. On the territory of the fortress you will have access to various houses of the inhabitants, in which you will be able to find unique interiors and understand what profession they belong to. This incredibly beautiful castle-fortress can become your home in the Minecraft PE world!

Well, us, actually. We have scoured forums, marathoned YouTube videos, and sampled more of the best Minecraft maps than we can count on in order to bring you the definitive list. To find the very best, we have whittled down the finest user-created environments and placed them into their very own category. Whether you fancy a Minecraft dropper map to plunge through or a Minecraft city map in which to live out your Minecraft life game fantasies, we have absolutely everything you need to get the most out of Minecraft maps.

Minecraft adventure maps are self-contained experiences that are less about building and more about exploring and, very often, fighting. Expect traps, puzzles, and all sorts of secrets. Also, while you can play many of them quite happily by yourself, some are better in multiplayer via Minecraft hosting. Best of all, because the Minecraft community is so industrious, thousands of great Minecraft adventure games are out there waiting for you to explore.

Your aim is to hatch the ultimate escape plan, using any resources you can find, and gaining notoriety among your fellow cellmates to earn their assistance. As Minecraft maps go, this one is a classic.

One of the largest Minecraft adventure maps, Teramia is an open-world, non-linear RPG. Without a focused core quest, Teramia leaves you free to wander, explore its various districts, and help the NPCs you encounter along the way.

A clever twist on Portal, Containment Survival 2 has you progress through a selection of containment cells, each containing a unique biome. Ushered through by a mad AI, you are to complete survival challenges on a tight time limit. Using a superb collection of voiceovers, the AI will hassle and demean you as you attempt to escape. A well-designed sequence of environments and challenges cements Containment Survival 2 as one of the best Minecraft maps.

Survival Island is the classic original, the Coca-Cola of custom-built survival maps. It builds its legacy with its high difficulty, but that sweetens its rewards. A house of twigs is a true achievement, and when you are the king of your own castle you know you worked to earn it. Lazy comparison klaxon: Survival Island is Dark Souls meets Minecraft.

Minecraft tourism has certainly rescued our wanderlust-riven wallets. Saving us money on transport, hotels, and food, Minecraft city maps allow us to explore bustling urban landscapes, both real and fantastical, without any jabs or travel insurance.

Vertoak City is what Minecraft city maps are all about: size and freedom. Exploring this wonderful world is a freeform adventure of boundless possibilities without the burden of goals to complete or rules to adhere to. High streets are dense yet intricate, Copacabana-like beaches stretch for miles, and leafy suburbs are there as a relaxing retreat from the big smoke.

One of the biggest maps in Minecraft keeps getting bigger. Originally a Pocket Edition exclusive, Tazader City is continually updated with more skyscrapers, stadiums, and hotels. Aside from the hours you will lose exploring and basking in the detail of this city, you can relax in your plush new hotel room, discover forgotten backstreets, and play sport. All without any scraped knees.

From the spooky gothic sensibilities of castle Dracula to the impressive Dragonstone, the fire-spewing beasts cascading around its towering turrets, castles are the coolest buildings around. And, guess what, they are even better as Minecraft maps. Whether it is fantasy or steampunk lands you seek to rule, become king of any world you like with these great Minecraft castle maps.

Castle Verilian of Aeritus proves that the best Minecraft maps are not necessarily the biggest. This diminutive seat of dominion makes up for its relatively cosy size with intricate interior detail and a kickass name. From the imposing main gate, you must traverse a long, winding path that takes in massive waterfalls and trees to your humble abode. Kings used to a larger castle should think of this as a castle meets kingly country retreat.

For many, Minecraft is about making and admiring inspiring, gargantuan structures. When it comes to Minecraft parkour maps, however, the art and majesty is in how these environments are traversed. Whether you are dashing, bouncing, or jumping through canyons or sky-piercing mountains, you will almost certainly be going much too fast to stand and enjoy the view. Here are the best Minecraft parkour maps around. 041b061a72

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