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Archlord Server Files

With staff travelling more, I want the client documents to be available online to select staff through OneDrive.We all have Windows Phones with OneDrive.Is there anyway we can maintain the shared drive on the local server and then have the files sync/backup to a OneDrive folder every evening? I do not want to move the files permanently to OneDrive, but simply have a copy of them online.Travelling staff can log onto the OneDrive account and view/download files as they require.I hope there is a solution out there?Farook. Hi Allan,Thanks for the prompt reply.I was actually thinking of using the 1Tb I have on my personal OneDrive account that I got with the Office365 subscription.I have not loaded any office product onto the server since it only handles file storage and an email server program.

Archlord Server Files


From I read, it says there is a way to sync a folder if I load up OneDrive on the server. I could not find exactly how this would workso I asked here.Now, if I go with what you have suggested, I should buy a OneDrive Business subscription and using the older version, use SharePoint to sync the folder. Does this mean we will need OneDrive business for all 3 mobile phones too? And on the computers, canwe simply access the files via the OneDrive website?Thanks again. Hi Allan,I have gone through what you sent me, but the fundamental difference is that the sync is from OneDrive to the your PC.What I want is a a way that my server willautomatically sync or backup the client doc folder to a folder on OneDrive. We are constantly adding files to the server folder and it is these that I want available on OneDrive within a 24hr period.

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Hey, I don't know how many of you have played Archlord, so I'll summarise the game a bit: It is a grindy korean MMORPG, there are 4 races (human, orc, elf, scion) each of them has 3 classes. There are guild vs guild and race vs race battles, it is an open world PvP game. The lategame armors are craftable, but the rings and necklaces can only be dropped, so it's a bit RNG.Currently there are three private servers running:1.

137AL - chineese server, lags like hell.There is a new server coming, with rates as we had on the original game, webzen times. It will be episode 8, shrine and absolute content will be implemented, if the playerbase votes for them.For further information check the original post:. is a resource community where aspiring webmasters and designers can share content and receive support for a wide variety of software platforms. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.None of the files are hosted on this site.

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